Displaying Fields conditionally

Just like in Gravity Forms, we can also display or not a field in a GravityView View using the Custom Content field and the [gvlogic] shortcode

Let's use a simple form to see how this can be achieved:

The only conditional logic this form has is on the Children Name field. This field will only show up if the option "Yes" is checked on the "Do you have children?" field.

Now, let's create a simple View, by adding just two columns/fields to it: the Your Name field and the Children Name field. Instead of adding the Children Name field, we'll be adding a Custom Content field and use the [gvlogic] shortcode inside:

After adding the fields to your View, make sure to save it first, in order for the field Merge Tags icon to appear in the Custom Content field options window:

And here's our View:

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