Using the Custom Content Field

The Custom Content field allows freeform text or HTML with replacement content.

Click "Add Field"

Screenshot of the View editor
Click on the Custom Content field to add it to the layout
Screenshot to add new fields in the View editor

Click on the Field Settings gear to customize it

Screenshot of the Custom Content field with an arrow pointing to the Gear icon to open field settings

Add content or HTML to the text field.

You can add shortcodes, including the Gravity Forms shortcode to embed a form.

In this example, we have placeholders for the date the entry was submitted, and we are using the [gvlogic] shortcode to show the submitted First and Last Name contents if they exist.

Screenshot of the Custom Content field settings screen

How the code example outputs:

You can see that the Merge Tags were replaced with entry values and the HTML was processed properly.

Save or Update your View

Additional Code Examples

Lots of things are possible with the Custom Content field. Here are some more options:

If you want to display the entire entry submission, as shown in the Gravity Forms View Entry screen, use the {all_fields} Merge Tag.

If you have a form with products and you want to show all order details, you can use the {pricing_fields} Merge Tag.

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