Widget shortcodes

You can use the shortcodes below to embed View Widgets.

The [gravityview_widget_pagination_info] shortcode

The Show Pagination Info widget

Outputs Displaying X-Y of Z results text. Not visible on Single Entry pages. No parameters.

The [gravityview_widget_page_links] shortcode

The Show Page Links widget

Output pagination links for search results. Not visible on Single Entry pages.


  • show_all - Show every page number instead of summary (not like this: 1 2 3 ... 8 ยป). Values: 1 or 0

The [gravityview_widget_search_bar] shortcode

The Show Search Bar widget

Output a search form. Search inputs are generated for each of the fields with Use this field as a search filter checked in the Field Settings.


  • search_free - Display the text search field. Values: 1 or 0
  • search_date - Display the search by date fields. Values: 1 or 0

Note: If you are using shortcodes with embedded views, the shortcodes will need to be placed after the [gravityview] shortcode.

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