My entries are not showing up

After setting up a View in GravityView, you may not see entries. Here are some possible reasons why.

1. Make sure you have some fields added to your View

Screenshot of the Multiple Entries layout with some fields added

2. You created a View using a Form Preset

Screenshot of the View editor showing the Use a Form Preset button

When you create a View by clicking the "Use a Form Preset" button, GravityView creates a new Gravity Forms form for you. This new Gravity Forms form will not have any entries.

3. The View has "Show only approved entries" checked

If you know you have entries for the form and you don't see them, it is likely because the View has "Show only approved entries" enabled.

When you enable "Show only approved entries", it hides entries until a moderator approves each entry. Learn how to approve and reject entries.

Screenshot of the Settings panel for the View

4. Check whether your form has entries

Go to the Forms menu and click on the Forms item:

Screenshot of the Forms menu of Gravity Forms

4.1 Hover over the form name and click on the Entries link

Note: the Entries link will only appear once you hover over the form name.

Screenshot of the Entries page of Gravity Forms

4.2 If your form has entries, they will appear here.

Screenshot of the Entries page of Gravity Forms
4.3 If you have "Show only approved entries" checked

If you have "Show only approved entries" checked, you will need to approve or reject entries from this page. For that, please follow these instructions.

4.4 If you don't have entries, create them!

To create entries for a form, you can embed the form in a post or page or you can click the "Preview" link to preview the form. You can add entries there.

You can also import existing entries using our Gravity Forms Import Entries plugin.

Screenshot of the Gravity Forms page showing the Preview button

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