Restricting View content to be members-only

How do I restrict content to members?

You can do this a couple of different ways.

By using a Membership plugin

Enclose the GravityView shortcode inside member-only shortcodes, like the [membership] shortcode provided by the popular Paid Membership Pro plugin. You can use a plugin like Members to restrict content to only users who are logged in.

[membership level="1"]
    With this structure, only members will see the View content.  
    [gravityview id="123" /]

By password-protecting your page

You can password-protect the View itself Like posts and pages, Views have privacy control built-in by WordPress. In the Publish box in the Edit View page, you can choose Password protected to require a password (but not login) to access the content. You can also make the page Private, which are only visible to users who are Editors or Administrators. You can update who sees private Views with the Members plugin as well.

By hiding some fields on your View

Make the View visible, but hide most of the fields In Edit View, you can click the gear icon next to each field. In the settings box that appears, click the Make visible only to logged-in users checkbox. This will give you options as to who can see your content. If you want to modify the visible roles, you can follow these instructions.

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