User Edit: Allowing users to edit their own entries

Learn how to allow users to edit entries they created.

Check the "Allow User Edit" checkbox

If you want to re-approve entries after the user has edited them, check "Unapprove Entries After Edit"

If an administrator edits an entry, the approval status will not be reset.

If a non-administrator edits an entry, the entry approval will be reset. Learn how to manage entry approval.

Add an "Edit Entry" link

Click "Add Field", scroll down and click "Edit Entry". This inserts a link to edit the entry that will only be visible to users who are able to edit the entry. Site visitors who are logged-out or logged-in users who did not create the entry will not see the link.

Optional: Modify the link text

You can change the link text of the "Edit Entry" link.

Click the Field Settings gear icon

Customize the Edit Link Text field

Save the View

Now that you've added the Edit Entry field, save your View.

Now you've enabled User Edit!

  • When an user is logged-out, they will not see the Edit Entry links
  • When an user is logged-in, they will see links to edit only the entries they created
  • Administrators are able to edit all entries
    • Any user who can edit entries inside Gravity Forms will be able to edit entries
    • If you want to limit this capability, use the Members plugin to limit each user's "gravityforms_edit_entries" capability
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