Getting Started: Adding Fields to the Multiple Entries and Single Entry Pages

After selecting a View layout, the View Configuration meta box shows up. In this meta box, we will find three tabs at the top which correspond to the three available pages which a View is composed of. 

  • Multiple Entries: this page is the main table of your View, where your form entries will be displayed one after another in separate rows, each row is an entry and each column in a row is a field from your form (assuming you are using the Table View layout).
  • Single Entry: Sometimes your entries have so many fields they don't fit in your main table, that's why the Single Entry page exists, to show additional entry fields. 
  • Edit Entry: If you want to edit fields from an entry, you can do that on the Edit Entry page. On this page, you can select which fields from the entry are available for modification. This page can be accessed through a link put on the Multiple Entries page or the Single Entry page.

Now that we established what each of these three tabs (also called screens or pages in the front-end of your website) are used for, we can start adding fields to them.

The Multiple Entries tab

This tab is divided into three sections: 

  1. Above Entries Widgets
  2. Entries Fields
  3. Below Entries Widgets. 

Let's make a brief stop here to explain two important concepts that we need to understand: Fields and Widgets:

  1. Fields come from your entry, they are the same fields that exist in your form. 
  2. Widgets are tools for your table, like a Search Bar or Pagination links, they are not specifically related to your form or an entry.

This being said, on this tab, you have two main sections to add Widgets ( above and below your table) and just one section to add Fields (your table). Each   field   added to your table, depending on which layout you choose, will become a table column (where each row is an entry). 

Check out this article to read more about Widgets.

This is how the Multiple Entries tab will look like on the front-end of your website:

The main difference between the Multiple Entries tab (or page) for the Single Entry and the Edit Entry tab, is that the latter two do not support widgets, just fields.

If your entries contain too much data, it will be wise to display the most important fields in the Multiple Entries page and leave the additional information to the Single Entry page. To do that, you will need to add a link to the Single Entry page in your main table. 

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