Using the [gravityview] Shortcode

The [gravityview] shortcode allows you to embed Views on your website. But that's not all. There is also a range of parameters you can use to customize the output.

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Shortcode Parameters

  • id - The ID of the View you want to display (required)
  • page_size - Number of entries to show at a time (Defaults to View setting)
  • sort_field - What form field id should be used to sort? (See note)
  • sort_direction - ASC / DESC
  • search_field - Only display entries with this text in the value (See note)
  • search_value - Only display entries with this text in the value
  • search_operator - Change the type of search to be performed. Default is "contains", which matches all results that contain the search_value. Possible values include: 'is', 'isnot', '<>', 'not in', 'in', '>', '<', 'contains', 'starts_with', 'ends_with', 'like', '>=', '<='
  • start_date - Filter the results by date. This sets a limit on the earliest results shown. In YYYY-MM-DD format. You can now use relative dates.
  • end_date - Filter the results by date. This sets a limit on the latest results shown. In YYYY-MM-DD format. You can now use  relative dates.
  • class - Add a HTML class to the view wrapper
  • offset - This is the start point in the current data set (Count starts with 0)
  • single_title - Define a custom single entry view title (default: post/page title)
  • back_link_label - Define a custom single entry back link label (default: ← Go back)
  • post_id - When using the shortcode in a widget or template, you may want to specify a page where a View is embedded as the base URL for entry links. Default: NULL (added in Version 1.4)
  • detail - Display specific information about a View Read more below

Note: You can find the field ID by looking at each field's title in the Gravity Forms Form Editor


This shortcode will display entries for View #123

[gravityview id="123" search_value="example" start_date="2014-06-16" end_date="2014-06-17" /]

Only search for "Example" in the field ID #5 for View #123.

[gravityview id="123" search_field="5" search_value="Example"]

Display the View, but have entries link to the post with ID of 40. Instead of, the entry would link to

[gravityview id="123" post_id="40"]

The detail Shortcode Parameter

The detail shortcode parameter is used to display information about the currently displayed View and must be used inside the Custom Content field. 

If your View is embedded inside a page or a post, you need to specify the View's ID as a shortcode parameter (e.g., [gravityview id="10" detail="total_entries"]).

Possible Values

  • [gravityview detail="total_entries"] The total number of entries that are in the View. If displaying search results, the number of matched entries. (100 in the below example)
  • [gravityview detail="first_entry"] (26 in the below example)
  • [gravityview detail="last_entry"] (50 in the below example)
  • [gravityview detail="page_size"] The number of entries that are visible on a single page. If all entries are displayed, then the value will be the same as total_entries (25 entries were displayed in the below example)


Example: a View that is showing entries 26-50 of 100 entries.

If you add this to a Custom Content widget:

<p>There are [gravityview detail="total_entries"] entries that match your search.</p>

It will display the following on a View with 100 entries:

<p>There are 100 entries that match your search.</p>
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