Working with Field Labels (column headings)

What is a field label in GravityView?

In Table and DataTable layouts, the label for a field is displayed as the column headings.

In Listing layouts, the label is shown above the entry value.

Modifying the Label value

You can change the label value. By default, it is the name of the Gravity Forms field.

Click the gear icon of the field whose label you want to modify

Check the box "Show Label" if it isn't checked already

Enter in your custom label

In this example, we wanted to show "Business Address" instead of "Address"

You can also customize the label based on the value using Merge Tags

You can create advanced labels using Merge Tags. By clicking on the small icon to the right of a text field (indicated by the green arrow in the image below), you can insert content from the value of an entry.

In this example, we click on "Business Name", which inserts a "Merge Tag" that looks like {Business Name:4}. This will be replaced with the value from each entry. If you had three businesses: Google, Pizza Hut, and UPS. "{Business Name:4} Address" would be replaced with "Google Address" "Pizza Hut Address", and "UPS Address".

Note: Merge tag functionality for labels is only available in Listing layouts, not Table or DataTable layouts.

Modified label examples:

  • Original: "Address" was the name of the Gravity Forms field
  • Custom Label: We set a Custom Label in the "Enter in your Custom Label" step above
  • Merge Tag: the business name in this example was "Acme Inc." and the Custom Label used the "{Business Name:4} Address" merge tag, as shown above. Merge Tags for labels are only available in listing view types, not table or DataTables view types.

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