Allowing a user to edit a View

Editing a View requires a permission that is normally only assigned to Administrators. This is because Views allow users to display HTML, which is a capability that is restricted in WordPress.

The unfiltered_html permission must be granted to non-admins in order for them to edit a View. Please be aware that this permission should only be granted to trusted users who are in higher level roles.

Warning: The instructions below show how to add the capability to all users who have an existing role. It is safer to create a new role that has the unfiltered_html capability and add users to that role. Read how to do that here.

To allow non-administrators to edit Views:

1. Install and Activate the Members plugin:

Installing and activating the Members plugin

2. Go to Users > Roles

Clicking on the Roles submenu under Users

3. Edit an existing Role

Click the Edit link to modify a role.

4. Enable the Unfiltered HTML permission

In the General section of the role editor, check the Grant box for the Unfiltered HTML capability.

5. Click the Update button to save your changes

Clicking the Update button after making changes to a Role

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