How to activate your Gravity Forms Entry Importer license

  1. The WordPress sidebar menu with a Forms top-level menu, with the Settings link highlighted.In your WordPress Dashboard, click on the Forms link in the sidebar menu
  2. Click on the Settings link in the Forms menu
  3. Click on the Import Entries link in the "General Settings" box
    (see image of this step)
  4. Paste the license key for Import Entries into the "Support License Key" field. If you have an All Access license key, use that instead. 
    Don't know where your license key is? You can find it on your GravityView Account page.

    The Import Entries settings screen, with a text input field for "Support License Key" . Next to the field is a button named "Activate License".

  5. ⚠️ Click the Activate License button (This is important!).
    You should see a message "Status: The license key is valid and active." If you don't, get in touch.

Your license key has now been activated for Entry Importer. You don't need to click "Update Settings".

Thanks for activating your license!

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