Filtering entries by WordPress User Roles

GravityView supports filtering by WordPress user roles  by using our Advanced Filters extension. You can use Advanced Filters to dynamically show entries based on the role of the currently logged-in user.

If you don't have Advanced Filters, we suggest you create one View for each user role and then use this shortcode from this amazing plugin called  Members:

[members_access role="editor"]Hide this content from everyone but editors.[/members_access]

Since you can specify the role, you can create a View for each one of them. 


[members_access role="subscriber"][gravityview id="12"][/members_access]
[members_access role="author"][gravityview id="13"][/members_access]
[members_access role="administrator"][gravityview id="14"][/members_access]

You can  read more about the usage of the [members_access] shortcode.

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