Inline Edit Entries in Gravity Forms

With the Inline Edit plugin, you can edit entry values directly from Gravity Forms "Entries" screen. This will save you tons of time for making changes to entries.

In this example, we have a form that collects the distance a star is from Earth. We just realized that the Distance in Light Years value wasn't quite accurate enough, so we're going to update it.

In Gravity Forms find the form where you want to enable Inline Edit, and click on "Form Settings"

At the bottom of the Form Settings page, find the "Enable Inline Edit" setting, and check it.

If you don't see the checkbox, you may not have activated the plugin! Check your site's Plugins page to make sure.

Save the form settings by clicking the "Update Form Settings" button

Never forget to save the settings! 😉

Click "Entries" to see a list of the form's entries

You'll see a new button "Enable Inline Edit". Click it!

If you don't see the "Enable Inline Edit" button:

  1. It may also be labeled "Toggle Inline Edit", that's okay, it does the same thing
  2. Make sure you saved the form settings properly (see the beginning of this article)
  3. You may not have activated the Inline Edit plugin! Go to your site's "Plugins" page on the Dashboard to make sure it's active

If you have done both of these and you still don't see the button, something's not right! Get in touch with us at support.

You'll see the values now have underlines. That means they are editable.

Any fields that are not editable will not be underlined (and will be slightly transparent).

Click on a field to edit its value

Modify the value and click Update

That's it! You've edited Gravity Forms field values without leaving the Entries screen

The Distance in Light Years is now more precise, and we didn't need to leave the Entries screen.

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