How to Setup the Ratings & Reviews Extension

1. Install the Extension

Using our guide for installing a GravityView extension, upload and activate the Ratings & Reviews extension

2. Configure your WordPress comments

Your WordPress "Discussion Settings" should have checked the "Allow people to post comments on new articles" option

3. Select the "Ratings & Reviews" tab in View Settings

4. Enable reviews in View Settings

You will need to allow your users to leave reviews. Check the box that says "Enable entry reviews" to enable reviews for this View.

5. Choose the Review Type

By default our plugin supports two types of Ratings, Votes and Stars, you can choose which in the "View Settings" panel shown above.

6. Adding the Link to the Template

Click on the "+ Add Field" on the area you want to add the Link and select the option "Reviews Link"

7. Configure your Reviews Link (optional)

Now you can click on the gear icon on the newly added field and configure the field settings as required.

8. Save View

In the end of all your customizations don't forget to save your View, otherwise it wont reflect your changes.

9. Now on the frontend of your View, there will be a review form (when showing a single entry)

10. Once filling out the form, the reviews will be displayed above the review form

11. And the Reviews Link will be shown with the ratings displayed

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