The {approval_status} Merge Tag

In GravityView, entries have three approval options:

  1. "Approved": The entry has been approved
  2. "Disapproved": The entry has not been approved
  3. "Unapproved": The entry has not yet been reviewed

You can display the status using the    {approval_status} Merge Tag (added in GravityView 1.18). It will by default display the the label of the approval status.

What does "disapproved" mean? It means the entry is rejected. The word reject sounds harsh, so we use the term "disapprove" instead. Words have meaning!

Using the {approval_status} Merge Tag in a Custom Content field.

Approved entry:

{approval_status:label} outputs "Approved"
{approval_status:value} outputs "1"

Disapproved entry:

{approval_status:label} outputs "Disapproved"
{approval_status:value} outputs "2"

Unapproved entry (not yet reviewed):

{approval_status:label} outputs "Unapproved"
{approval_status:value} outputs "3"

Using the Merge Tag with the [gvlogic] shortcode

If you would like to show content based on the approval status, you can.

[gvlogic if="{approval_status:value}" is="1"] 
This entry has been approved by the mission commander! 

[gvlogic if="{approval_status:value}" is="3"] 
This entry has not been moderated. Ping headquarters!

Note: The  {approval_status} Merge Tag will not work in a Custom Content widget.

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