Setting up sharing buttons with JetPack

Install the Jetpack plugin

Go to the Plugins page and click on the Add New button, type "Jetpack" on the search. Click the Install Now button.

Enable Jetpack's "Sharing" module

In the menu bar, you will see a new menu for "Jetpack". Click on "Settings", then click on the "Sharing" tab. You will see a toggle inside the "Sharing buttons" box, click to enable it.

Once Sharing is enabled, click on the "Configure your sharing buttons link"

You will be redirected to a page on called "Marketing"

On this page, you can configure which sharing buttons will be available and how they will look like. Please make sure to check "Pages" and "Views" in the Options panel:

If you are embedding GravityView on a Page using the [gravityview] shortcode, make sure both "Pages" and "Views" are checked. If "Pages" is not checked, the Sharing Buttons won't display on the embedded View.

The same goes for Posts; if you're embedding on a Post, check the "Posts" checkbox.

Edit the View you would like to add Sharing buttons to

  1. Click the "Add Field" button where you want to add the sharing links
  2. Click the "Sharing" field at the bottom of the field picker

Click the gear icon on new Sharing field

Configure the Sharing field

  1. You can choose the which plugin you will use between JetPack or your WordPress website itself under the "Sharing Plugin" dropdown
  2. Uncheck the "Show Label" box to hide the label that is displayed next to the Sharing buttons. (The default label is "Sharing")
  3. Or customize the label, (optionally) using Merge Tags to include data from the entry itself

Update your View

Or "Publish" it, if it's not already live.

VoilĂ ! Your sharing buttons will be visible where you placed them in the View

You can view a live demo of this on our demo website.

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