Using the {get} Merge Tags with [gvlogic] to display a person's name in a Custom Content widget

This walk-through will show you how to use {get} Merge Tags together with the [gvlogic] shortcode.

Here's a quick demonstration

If you learn better with video, here's a quick walk-through:

Add a Custom Content widget

In the Widget area, click "+ Add Widget"

Then click the Custom Content widget.

and click the gear icon to configure the Widget settings.

Add the following content to the widget:

[gvlogic if="{get:first-name}" isnot=""]
  <h3>Hi, {get:first-name}! Welcome to my View!</h3>
  <h3>Welcome to my View!</h3>

What will this do?

If a person's first name is passed in the URL using ?first-name, it will show the person's name in the heading. If ?first-name is not set or is empty, it will show a different heading.

Update the View

Then visit the new View on your site.

What is visible when there is nothing passed in the URL

The [else] value is used when the {get} value isn't matched.

When URL parameters are passed

?first-name=Floaty content the URL triggers the {get:first-name} Merge Tag.

Let's take a look at the [gvlogic] shortcode we added to the Custom Content widget. It says if {get:first-name} is not empty, show the following HTML content:  <h3>Hi, {get:first-name}! Welcome to my View!</h3>.

The {get:first-name} content is then replaced with the value passed in the URL: Floaty!

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