Signing up for a Bing Maps API Key

GravityView Maps can use the Bing Maps Geocoding service to convert your entry addresses into longitude and latitude values. This how-to will walk you through signing up for a free Bing Maps API Key and adding that setting to GravityView.

1. Sign in to the Bing Maps Dev Center

Go to the Bing Maps Dev Center.

You will need to have a Microsoft Account. If you don't have one, create one by following the steps on the page.

2. Under "My account" menu, click "Create or view keys"

3. Click the link to create a new key

4. Create a key called GravityView Maps

Set the "Application type" to Public website. The Application URL is optional.

5. Select the Key and copy it

You can also click the "Copy key" link, which might work, depending on your browser.

6. Visit the GravityView Settings page

Navigate to Views > Settings on your WordPress site.

7. Paste the API key into your GravityView Settings

If you don't see the setting, it's because the GravityView Maps plugin isn't activated. Check your Plugins page.

You're all set now with your Bing Maps API key.

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