Signing up for a Google Maps API Key

GravityView Maps can use the Google Maps Geocoding service to convert your entry addresses into longitude and latitude values. This how-to will walk you through signing up for a free Google Maps API Key and adding that setting to GravityView.

1. On the Google Maps Geocoding API page, click "Get A Key"

2. Click Continue under "Create a new project"

You may need to log in to Google first.

3. Click "Credentials"

4. Click "Create Credentials", then "API key"

5. Click "Server key"

6. Name the API key (we named ours "GravityView Maps")

Leave the "Accept requests from these server IP addresses" blank, unless you know exactly what you're doing. It can cause problems if mis-configured.

7. Copy the created API key

You'll be pasting this into GravityView settings in a few steps.

8. Click Overview

9. Click "Google Maps Javascript API"

Click "Google Maps Javascript API"

10. Click "Enable"

11. Return to previous screen

12. Search for "Geocoding" in the search box

Click on the Google Maps Geocoding API link.

13. Click "Enable"

14. Click on Enabled APIs, just to make sure.

Just to be sure, click on the "Enabled APIs" link and make sure you see both APIs in the table:

  • Google Maps Geocoding API
  • Google Maps JavaScript API

If they aren't, click on the "Google APIs" link and activate them, as shown earlier.

Make sure both Google Maps Geocoding API and Google Maps JavaScript API are enabled.

15. Back on your site, visit the GravityView Settings page

Navigate to Views > Settings on your WordPress site.

16. Paste the API key into your GravityView Settings

If you don't see the setting, it's because the GravityView Maps plugin isn't activated. Check your Plugins page.

17. Update your GravityView settings!

You're all set now with your Google Maps API key.