Signing up for a MapQuest Geocoding API Key

GravityView Maps can use the MapQuest Geocoding service to convert your entry addresses into longitude and latitude values. This how-to will walk you through signing up for a free MapQuest API Key and adding that setting to GravityView.

1. Click "Get Started" in the Free plan column

Visit the MapQuest Developer Plans page to get started.

2. Fill out your information

3. Click "Keys & Reporting", then "My Application"

4. Click "Edit"

5. Rename the App Name

This is optional, but recommended so that it's clear in the future what the API Key is being used for.

6. Click GravityView Maps and copy the Consumer Key

You'll be pasting the key into GravityView Maps settings in the next step.

7. Go to the GravityView Settings page

8. Paste the key into your GravityView Settings screen under "MapQuest Geocoding API Key"

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