Allowing a user to edit all entries

This will allow a user to edit and delete any entry, not only their own, so make sure you want to do this!

1. Install and Activate the Members plugin

2. Go to the Users "Roles" submenu

3. Click "Add New" button next to Roles

4. Give the new Role a name

In this example, we've named the role GravityView Moderator.

5. Add "gravityforms_edit_entries" capabilities

There are a lot of capabilities to choose from. At the very least, you're going to want to allow the user to have the gravityforms_view_entries, gravityforms_edit_entries, and read capabilities. If you want them to also be able to delete entries, you'll want to enable gravityforms_delete_entries as well.

Note: If you want this role to also be able to manage Entry Approvals, please enable the gravityview_moderate_entries capability as well.

6. Add the role by clicking "Add Role"

Now you've got the Role set up, we need to assign the new role to the user.

7. Go to the Users page

8. Click the user you want to be allowed to edit all entries

9. Under "Role", select the newly-created "GravityView Moderator" role

10. Click Update User to save the User's updated role

And that's it!

Now the user will be able to view, edit, and (if you enabled it), delete any entry.

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