About View Settings

View Settings

  1. Modify how many entries that are displayed on each page of the View
  2. When viewing images in the View, display the images in an in-page popup
  3. Only display entries that have been approved
  4. Hide all entries in the View until a search has been performed using the Search Bar
  5. Don't display empty fields (hides the label, too)
  6. Allow users to edit entries they created
  7. Allow users to delete entries they created
  8. Featured entries get promoted to the top of the View results (Featured Entries Extension only)

Single Entry Settings

Single Entry Settings
  1. The heading to use when viewing a single title
  2. When viewing a single entry, this text is used as the link to return to the View's multiple entries screen. Default: " Return to Search"

Filter & Sort Settings

Filter & Sort Settings
  1. When using a Table layout, enabling sorting by column will allow you to click the table header to sort the entries
  2. Choose the field to sort the View by (defaults to entry date)
  3. Sort direction (ascending, descending, or random). Defaults to DESC (newest to oldest entries)
  4. Limit the View entries based on the date the entry was created (only show entries after than date entered)
  5. Limit the View entries based on the date the entry was created (only show entries before than date entered)
  6. Advanced Filter logic statements that modify what entries to show in the View

Maps Settings

Map View Settings
  1. Choose which Address field from the Gravity Forms form to use to place the marker on the map
  2. Define the type of Google map you want displayed (Street, Satellite, or Hybrid)
  3. Choose the default icon used to display map markers "Select Icon", or upload your own "Add Icon"

Ratings & Reviews Settings

Ratings & Reviews settings
  1. Whether to enable reviews for entries in this View. Required for the Ratings & Reviews Extension to work properly
  2. Prevent users from leaving multiple reviews. This does not apply to Administrators.
  3. Hide the ratings fields; only display comment form items
  4. Choose between rating types (Vote Up/Vote Down, Star Ratings)
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