How do I feature an entry?

Featuring entries using the GravityView Featured Entries extension is simple: just star an entry in Gravity Forms!

1. Go to the Gravity Forms Entries page


2. Notice the stars next to each entry


3. Click the star next to entries you want to be Featured

It will turn yellow to show its new status. Gravity Forms calls it "Starred". Also note that there is a filter "Starred" where you can see all of the Featured entries at once.


4. Now the Featured entries will be highlighted!

The color of the highlight is something you or your designer can change. When an entry is Featured, it has a CSS class of `gv-featured-entry` added to the container.


Moving Featured entries to the top of results


5. Use the Connected Views menu to quickly go to the related View

This is just a shortcut; you can also go to Views > All Views and click on the link to the related View.


6. Check the box labeled "Move Featured Entries to Top"


7. Save the View


8. Now your Featured entries are displayed above all other entries

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