How to use GF Chart with GravityView

GF Chart is an easy way to display your Gravity Forms entry data in a chart. GF Chart does not currently support GravityView filters and sorting, but if you're looking for an easy way to display form results, GF Chart is a great option.

GF Chart is not developed by GravityView; if you have any support requests for GF Chart, please visit their support forum.

Click Add Widget in the Edit View screen


Click the Custom Content widget


Click the gear to configure the Custom Content settings


Add the GF Chart shortcode for your form

You can learn how to use the GF Chart shortcode on the GF Chart website (under the "Shortcode" heading).

Finding the Field ID

If you aren't sure what field ID to use in the GF Chart shortcode, click the "Add Field" button to display the field picker. There, you will see the field ID next to the name of each field.


Save your View


And voilĂ , charts of your data!