Changing the single entry page title

You may want to define a different title for your single entry view instead of having the same title of the multiple entries view.

View Settings - Choose a different single entry title

In order to define a different title for the single entry, just edit your View, under the View Settings box, and set to a different title.


Or set it using the Merge Tags selector

Instead of setting up a fixed title for all the single entries page you could populate the field dynamically using the Merge Tags selector. By clicking on the small icon to the right of a text field (indicated by the blue arrow in the image below), you can insert content from the value of an entry.

For example if we click on "Business Name", which inserts a "Merge Tag" that looks like {Business Name:4}. This will be replaced with the value from each entry. If you had three businesses: Google, Pizza Hut, and UPS. "{Business Name:4} Address" would be replaced with "Google Address" "Pizza Hut Address", and "UPS Address".

Note: Merge tag functionality for labels is only available in Listing layouts, not Table or DataTable layouts.

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