Changing the format of the search widget's date picker

By default, GravityView formats dates in the US format of mm/dd/yyyy. If you would like to change that, you can.

Date format options are:

  • dmy - dd/mm/yyyy
  • dmy_dash - dd-mm-yyyy
  • dmy_dot -
  • mdy - mm/dd/yyyy (default)
  • ymd_slash - yyyy/mm/dd
  • ymd_dash - yyyy-mm-dd
  • ymd_dot -

To modify the format, install one of the plugins below:

At the bottom of this article are plugins you can install that modify the format for you.

  • Refer to the name of the plugin to see what date format will be applied
  • Download the plugin you want
  • Install and activate the plugin on your website
  • The date format will be modified

For developers:

To modify the format, use the gravityview_search_datepicker_class filter. This modifies the CSS class for the datepicker input fields, which is used to determine the format for the date picker.

function modify_gravityview_search_datepicker_class( $existing_class ) {
	$format = 'mdy'; // <-- Change this to one of the date format options above
	return 'gv-datepicker datepicker '.$format;
add_filter( 'gravityview_search_datepicker_class', 'modify_gravityview_search_datepicker_class');
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